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One small town.

Two broken hearts.

And a spark they can’t extinguish...


Theo Hanson has returned to Fable Notch — something he swore he would never do. But when work and family calls, Theo reluctantly offers his arson investigation experience to help uncover the culprit behind a series of attacks. Unfortunately, this particular pyromaniac leads Theo straight into the path of an old flame...


Eden Barrett is struggling to find her feet (and her self-esteem) in the debris of a confidence-crushing marriage. Losing her apartment to the local firebug adds to the mess, and then her temporary accommodation is invaded by the man who broke her teenage heart. So much for her fresh start.


As old feelings stir, Theo and Eden realise it’s impossible to ignore their connection. But as they attempt to navigate the hurts of the past, the pair are forced to confront a question that’s haunted them both for over a decade: Were they right to call it quits?


As danger draws near, their growing attraction drowns out the doubts left by their past. Except the last time Theo and Eden were this close, they both got burnt — and catching the arsonist may not be enough to save what they’ve rediscovered.


Because when sparks fly, they either ignite a lasting love or turn everything to ash...


Welcome to the captivating first book in the Fable Notch series where (retold) fairy tales come true in the mountains of New Hampshire. Featuring a steamy second chance and tons of small-town charm, Once More With You delivers heart-fluttering romance and feel-good flirtation by the armful.





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